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“NO WASTE SERIES” New Cotton Pads machine Developments.

posted Jan 14, 2015, 12:52 AM by Marco Occleppo   [ updated Jan 14, 2015, 12:55 AM ]

With the beginning of the new year we would like to share information with our customers concerning the forthcoming developments in cotton pads machines especially as regards the NO Waste series.
We are realizing the prototype machine for cutting and packing rectangular pads suitable as DEMO model for trials.

The idea comes from the big request for such machines from far east but, as difference from the past, now the demand is for fully automatic solutions.
Our first step will be to build and test the cutting machine with the first part of the packing unit.
The cutting technology will be realized with scissor system in order to maintain the edges of the pads completely open.
The packing unit will be realized according to our experience in rectangular perforated pads where we got positive feedback from the market during the last 3 years.

As second step, we will build a rotary cutting unit for the production of rectangular pads of big dimension, for baby use.
The standard pads 90x110 mm. with round angles produced by punching system will be replaced by pads 90x100 with 90 degree angles.
The package will be the same, the material will be the same, the pads area will be the same, the production most probably will increase due to the cutting technology but the waste will be ZERO instead of 18-20% as usual on the punching machines.
The exterior aspect of the bags is exactly the same because you cannot see if the pads has the round angles or not when the pads are into the bag.

So, the question is:

Why spending more to have less?? 

Further news will come soon…..