Machines for the production of cotton pads

The machines DL1, DL2 and DL3 are suitable to produce cotton wool round pads having diameter 57 mm or in other special formats such as square, rectangular, oval or different measurements.
They can be fed with carded cotton with crossed fibers or with water treated cotton (spunlace) of high quality. This material can be in jumbo rolls or folded in big dimensions bales.
If carded cotton has to be used, it is advised to compact and emboss the cotton tape by means of our heated calendar C2D complete with a drawing at Customer’s request.
Our machines can also produce pads with dots on the circumference (stitched edges) and can be fed by using two different materials in order to have external surfaces different from the inside material. I.e. two external surfaces of light spunlace cotton  (35-40 gsm) and soft carded cotton as internal material.

DL1 Machine
The DL1 machine cuts three round cotton pads having diameter 57 mm simultaneously every time and pushes them into three suitable channels. The operator positions the empty poly bags at the end of the channels and manually pushes the pre-counted cotton pads into the poly-bags. By means of a separate sealing machine, the poly-bags are sealed by the same operator. 

DL2 Machine
The DL2 machine cuts four round cotton pads having diameter 57 mm simultaneously every time.
The working system is the same of the DL1 but it produces about 25% more.

DL3 Machine
The DL3 machine cuts five round cotton pads having diameter 57 mm simultaneously every time. This machine, besides being much more productive than DL1 and DL2, is particularly advised to produce big formats such as square, rectangular and oval ones. The increased frame, when compared to our competitors, enables to have a 25-30% higher production on oval shape 90x70 mm. , square shape 75x75 mm. and rectangular shape 110x90 mm.

Fully Automatic Cotton Pads machine
Since many years LINKS s.r.l.  is co-operating with an important and well known Italian company specialized in the production of fully automatic pads making and packaging machines.
According to customer's request, we have the possibility to offer several machines models starting from medium production up to very high production capacity machines.
For further information do not hesitate to contact us.

Embossing unit ( Heated calender ) suitable to compact and emboss the cotton band.
As option for the cotton pads machines, we can supply a wide range of Embossing units suitable to compact and emboss the cotton band for pads production.
The drawing ( Pattern ) of the embossing cylinder can be chosen by the customer at the order stage.