Machines for the production of cotton rolls

Our machines for cotton rolls production can cover a wide range of possible production requirements.
According to the product requested we will be glad to advice the most suitable line to match real needs.
In fact, for the only production of small rolls, i.e. 25 and 50 gr without interleaving paper, it is preferable our ARX2 machine due to its high productivity (more than 40 rolls per minute).
In case of big rolls production for hospital use as well as small rolls, the most versatile solutions could be our AR1 or AR1/2 machine as both of them can produce up to 200 kilos/hour in rolls of 500 and 1000 gr but can also grant a high production for small rolls when working on wide rolls to be cut into two or three small ones of the desired weight.
Our cotton rolls machines can also be fed by means of a suitable external group which enables the production of pre-cut rolls with spunlace material or with carded and embossed cotton tape.
This system permits to use the rolls by stripping single pieces.
Besides, we have available calendaring groups which emboss a drawing at Customer’s choice on the material.

ARX2 Machine
It produces cotton wool rolls without interleaving paper from 25 to 100 gr.
This machine is suitable for high production of small and narrow rolls ( up to 150 mm. ) and cannot be used with interleaving paper.

ARX2/C Machine
It produces cotton wool rolls with and without interleaving paper from 25 to 100 gr.
As per the machine above, this machine is limited for small and narrow rolls ( up to 150 mm. ).
For rolls with interleaving paper the hot melt applicator is warmly advised.

AR1 Machine
It produces cotton wool rolls without interleaving paper from 25 to 1000 gr.

It can produce one roll per cycle or up to three rolls per cycle by cutting a wide roll into three small rolls. In this way we can have a very high output production.

AR1/2 Machine
It produces cotton wool rolls from 25 to 1000 grams with and without interleaving paper .
By means of a suitable device, an interleaving paper sheet of correct width and weight is inserted.
The paper sheet can be inserted from the internal core or only wrap the final loop and it will be automatically cut longer then the cotton wool tape in order to completely wrap the roll.
The hot melt application is optional but strongly advised in order to have a finished roll ready to be cut and/or packed.

TRA/1 Cutting machine for rolls
The last development concerning the small rolls production is represented by our cutting device TRA/1.
The high request of rolls with interleaving paper perfectly cut on the edges pushed us to study and realized this new machine that automatically cuts in two or three small rolls a wide roll of max width 300 mm.
This machine can also be used only for cutting the edged on big rolls such as 400 or 500 gr.