Electronic apparatus suitable for the control of the density-weight of the cotton band

Electronic Density-Weight control FMC
The electronic apparatus "FMC" is a high precision instrument which permits a constant  and “in real time” check on the density and thickness of the cotton band at entry of the packing machines.
The apparatus in normally installed on packing machines fed IN LINE with a cotton wool tape.
The cotton tape is checked by a detector complete with infrared light adjustable in width.
The FMC apparatus
  • Checks a cotton tape with a variable weight of more than + 20% and –40% compared to the nominal weight
  • Can be set for the weighing of cotton wool packages from 25 to 1000 grams
  • Keeps the weight of cotton wool packages within a tolerance of about +/-2%. 

In order to have a precise and controlled adjustment of the production, the FMC is foreseen for the connection with weighing apparatus suitable to check the real weight of each package produced, to register the production data and the underweight and overweight discarded products.

An additional electronic board enables to connect the FMC to weighing apparatus in commerce.

Automatic check-weigher PCW
The automatic check-weigher PCW, directly connected with the weighing apparatus FMC is positioned at the exit of the packing machine. It permits the self adjustment of the nominal weights introduced in the FMC, the automatic discard of underweight and overweight packages and provides the following data by means of a display and by means of a printer. 

  • Nr. of packages produced per shift;
  • Nr. of packages accepted;
  • Nr. of underweight discarded packages;
  • Nr. of overweight discarded packages;
  • Weight average of accepted packages;
  • Standard deviation of the whole production;
  • Production diagram.

In every moment it will be possible to print the production data.