A new generation of " NO WASTE " machines for spunlace cosmetic and hygienic products

The worldwide market is in need of new products able to appeal the customer but meantime also to grant a production which undergoes to a continuous increasing of price for raw cotton.
Matching both purposes was the starting point inspiring us in believing and developing new ideas in order to project new machines.
By trying to extend our targeted customers we also decided to realize each single model from manual up to fully automatic version.

Perforated Rectangular Pads
Starting from the idea to have pads connected to each other we worked out the idea of the zig-zag to be mixed with the quality of the spunlace material.
Besides, the possibility to work with different measurements enables to use the finished products both in cosmetic field and for baby use.
This system permits to have same quality material, same typology of utilization, same quantity of material as a standard round pad. Practically, it allows to save money while avoiding  about 35% waste reciclying costs and keeping the quality of the finished products at higher standards.

Rectangular / Square Pads
This product is obtained by means of a double cutting system, first longitudinal and then transversal.
Simply based on the concept of pads with right angles to avoid waste production and to save money reducing of about the 35% waste reciclying costs while keeping the quality of the finished products at higher standards.

Perforated Pads in Rolls
A new approach to the production of cotton rolls finds application to our standard machines for rolls in order to produce in addition to the standard product also pads in rolls with longitudinal and transversal perforation.

For all the above listed machines we can supply Manual solution up to fully automatic high production lines according to customer's needs.